The founder of the Company, Jeffrey Bohn, has worked in the agricultural equipment business continuously, starting in 1976 through 2013. After working as a machinist from 1971, into March of 1976, he returned to the family business of Bohn Implement Co. beginning as a mechanic, working on lawnmowers, agricultural and construction equipment. He also did planning and construction on grain storage setups. In 1980 he moved into the sales department, at the Castalia, OH store,  and in 1983, was asked to manage the family's latest agricultural facility in Attica, OH. Jeff was able to grow business in that area enough that a new store was constructed in 1988. He continued to operate at this location until 1996, at which time all three locations were combined into one location in Monroeville, OH. Jeff handled the agricultural sales at this location through 2008.

In 2013 Jeff and his son Christopher started an agricultural repair business of their own, Bohn Ag Service LLC. Jeff remembered the request of many of his old customers asking for a way to fold the fountain auger in the grain tank down, without climbing up in the grain tank to fold it up and back down and to transport and get in the doorway of their storage shed. Several different problems made it difficult, due to the interference of the drive dogs on the auger and gear box. It seemed like things kept getting more complicated, and expensive trying to make it all work with hydraulics. That's when Christopher told Jeff "KISS".



By the fall of 2013, the first power fold auger kit was in operation on the famiiy's own JD 9660 STS. A few refinements were made, and we started installing them on the combines of our neighbors and old customers. We formed Pwr EZ Systems LLC in 2014, and started advertising and promoting to dealerships. It was a slow process at first, but sales have grown so well, that in the fall of 2017, we sold out of inventory completely.


In 2015, the Power Swing Ladder for John Deere combines was introduced and became a big success, so much that some customers have called to thank us for talking them into purchasing their kits. They stated that they didn't realize how often they forgot to swing the ladder in and how easy this made it. The ladder kits were also a total sell out in the fall of 2017.

The National Agribility Organization, for disabled farmers, has asked us to be a supplier for equipment for the disabled, and we are honored to be recognized.