Comments received from purchasers of our

auger & ladder kits

Irvin H/ OH - Was so impressed with the power fold auger I bought that I got the ladder kit also.

Shane B/ MO - We purchased two units for our S660s and have had great customer support.

Tony T/ ON-CA - The power fold auger we purchased helps get in the barn without climbing into the grain tank every time.

Clayton F/ MN - This auger kit saves us a lot of climbing and I can watch it work right from the cab.

Dan G/ OH - I purchased both units for my 9670 and when I traded it in for an S670 I made sure to put the power swing ladder on it. I wouldn’t be without it.

Harold T/ MD - We put the auger kit on our 9870 and you couldn’t get it away from us without a fight.

Tim S / OH - We put the auger lit on our 9670 and it works great and saves us a lot of climbing.

Weslie N/ PA - We bought both the auger & ladder kits for our machine. We had a problem with our ladder but it was taken care of right away.

Jim B/ OH - We only wanted the auger kit for our 9670 but Jeff talked us into buying the ladder kit also. I had to call him and say thanks because I use it more then I realized I would. It comes in very handy.

Clarence H/ IL - I bought a ladder kit for my 9570 and when I traded it in I got another kit for my S550. Wouldn’t be without.

Braidy C/ MN - Got an auger kit for our 9660 and it works great and saves a lot of climbing.

Brad W/ MO - We put the ladder kit on our 9770 because we have to go through cattle gates a lot. Saves having to get in and out of the cab a lot.

Dwight C/ KS - I bought an auger kit for my S670 several years ago and when I traded up to a newer machine I put it on that one only having to buy several parts for the auger. Works great!

Greg L/ OH - We bought the ladder kit for our 9660 last year and our neighbor saw it and ordered one also. You don’t realize how often you forget to swing it in until you have it.